Can't make it into the
store? Live out of town?
We can come to your
home or business or
even remote in and fix
your problems..
Need a Domain name or
personal email address?
Whether you need
Office 365 cloud
hosting or just a simple
POP type address we
have a solution for you.
Welcome to Vangoogle IT!
Since we started out in 2000 there have been many changes in computers and how they are
used, which is why we still supply computers built to your specifications, so you get what you
want without all the extra junk thrown in by the big manufacturers.
Not only has technology changed but Vangoogle IT has also grown, giving you access to our onsite
support team, including support via remote access over the Internet and now
even VOIP phone systems.......
So call to arrange a visit or simply phone / email in a request for remote or onsite support.....
Computer and laptop
repairs, accessories,
network devices, new
computers and laptops all
available with Windows 7
or Windows 10.
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-PC / Laptop
Repairs / Sales / Accessories
Spyware / Virus Removal
-OnSite Support
-Networking Issues
-Internet Issues
-Software Issues
-Just To Name A Few....